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Re: Bug#283137: Problem when booting from second CD

Le dimanche 28 novembre 2004 à 22:48 +0100, Santiago Garcia Mantinan a
écrit :
> > Proably because there are no udebs at all, let alone kernel udebs, on
> > the second CD. So I'm reassigning this to debian-cd; if the second full
> > CD is intended to be bootable, it needs to have the d-i udebs on it.
> :-??? Does this seem reasonable? I mean, isn't it more reasonable to inform
> the user of this problem and ask him to change the cd and introduce the one
> with the udebs on it rather than having the udebs on each bootable cd?

I agree with you.

Responding to Joey Hess :
> What's the point of booting from the second CD?
> Will it use syslinux instead of isolinux for old systems that cannot
> handle isolinux?

Yes, that was the idea of the other bootable images... keep syslinux for
machines were isolinux is failing.

I'm against copying udebs on all CD, so if d-i doesn't support the
suggestion above we'll just remove the possibility to boot on other CD
than the first.

Raphaël Hertzog

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