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Re: Jigdo files for 1.4 GB (8cm) DVDs?

Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> wrote:
> True. Basically, we can provide installation images for whatever media
> sizes people want to use, but the more we make the longer it will take
> and the more confusion it will cause for inexperienced people looking
> to download the official images.

8cm DVDs are not very common, but as I wrote, it's a very
handy format.  E.g. it fits into shirt pockets :-) I don't
think, that people become confused, if there is an "8cm"
subdirectory with some jigdo files.  Maybe it would be OK
to provide for one 8cm DVD (contents of the first two CDs,
about 1200 packages).  This would make a nice little thing
as "promotional gift" at booths etc.

Cheers, WB

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