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Re: Problem after installing Debian with kernel bf2.4

On Monday 22 November 2004 04:45 am, Edgardo Vázquez wrote:
> Hi guys, its me again, lol. what a surprise im having a problem, well
> here is whats going on, i installed debian again but this time i
> choosed the kernel 2.4 becuase there are programs that i need to
> install that need it. but know everything is locked, i cant setup the
> ip or route typing (ifconfig eth0 ***.***.**.*** up), please i need
> help badly, i have to set it up today before 1pm
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Edgardo J. Vázquez Mieles
> University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo
> Department of Computer Science

Read the man page on 'interfaces', this is how Debian sets up 
The network is usually setup during install, it may fail if the nic card 
is not supported.
Greg C. Madden

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