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Re: Error checksums in jigdo file "sarge-i386-1.template" of 02-Oct-2004 ?

On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 12:34:12PM +0300, PANAGIOTIS KOUROS wrote:
> I'm trying to download sarge for i386 with jigdo.
> Jigdo rejects all downloaded packages as not matching to jigdo-template.
> Are there some checksum errors in "sarge-i386-1.template" of 02-Oct-2004?

Yes, the jigdo files from October 2nd are broken. As a temporary
workaround, add "--no-check-files" to jigdoOpts in your ~/.jigdo-lite. 
Alternatively, wait for a week, so we can fix the issue.



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