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Tweaked Debian Woody Netinst CD

Hey there,

I have created a Bootable CD for Debian Woody with a 2.4.26 kernel and
preloadable modules from CD. I know the new installer is nearly ready, but
maybe it would be nice to mention the CD on the
http://www.nl.debian.org/CD/netinst/ page.

I modified the boot-floppies-.3.0.23 from unstable to get this all working
propperly. More info is on http://mail.kwenie.org/debian.

A short version of what this CD does I will paste below:


 * This Debian Woody 3.0 Rescue Disk installer is a Bootable CD to install a
   minimal base install of Debian Woody 3.0. All packages are updated to the
   latest packages of August 2004.

 * The CD installs a 2.4.26 kernel and lets you preload IDE, SATA, ATARAID,
   SCSI and PCMCIA-bridge modules from the CDROM. A full list of supported
   hardware in kernel-config terms is below in Appendix A.

 * The base packages differ from the official Debian Woody 3.0 installer that
   it installs SSH and Postfix in favour of Exim. It also installs all tools
   to support initrd-enabled kernels.

 * On this CD you will also find the backports 2.4.26 kernel. This kernel can
   be installe after the installation if hardware like network cards,
   sound cards or other cards are not supported by this boot-kernel.

 The following text is an introduction on how this CD came to be at all,
 how you can use the second console to install the backports kernel and the
 supported hardware list.


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