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Re: Testing of Sarge RC1

Joey Hess wrote:

> Steve Glines wrote:
>>The release boots just fine from a CD-ROM but when it gets to "detect
>>and mount CD-ROM" it fails to detect the cd-rom it just booted from.
> Well, this rather begs the question of what kind of CD drive you booted
> from, doesn't it? (And if it's say, scsi, what controller card it's on.)

This is the exact same system that I have been attempting to PXE boot
from. Since using CD1 as a mirror didn't work I thought I'd attempt to
check to see if the CD itself worked. It doesn't.

I should note that when I PXE boot using the netinstall kernel and
initrd AND ftp.us.debian.org as a mirror - the sarge install works
flawlessly. See Bug#262043

Now as to the CD hardware its a SAMSUNG SC-140, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM drive
that's attached via ide-cdrom driver.

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