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Re: Do i have a bad iso image?


Your CD won't boot because you wrote the iso as a file to the CD rather
than having your CD writing program treat it as a CD image.  Not knowing
what you are using to burn CDs or what comes as default with suse, take a
look at:

The command line for cdrecord in the FAQ may be a bit excessive given
recent improvements in cdrecord.  Try opening a terminal window, switching
to the directory that contains the iso, and issuing:
cdrecord debian-30rev2-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso

....or you there's always my website <a href="http://agileos.com";>Agile OS</a>

>> > I use jigdo-easy to download the iso
>> Good.
>> > The download was 650m and the tree...
>> There is a test for iso images ... does it
>> have the correct MD5SUM? ...
>> > Even though
>> > jigdo-easy seems to think(?) I have
>> > good download, do I?

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