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Jigdo - a comment


I was downloading an iso file, and read your comments on overloaded
servers and the Jigdo program that could help with that.  Your FAQ and
Web pages about Jigdo made it sound like this would be a simple matter
of installing the program, running it, and bingo - it works.

I did not find it thus.  I am not asking for any help, but only pointing
out that if these tools are cumbersome to use, most people aren't going
to bother.  I had wanted to use this program because I wanted to spare
your servers.  I doubt that it would greatly shorten my download time,
but I felt that with a little effort I might ease the strain on the
servers.  I wasn't willing to work very hard, though.  The program
bombed with cryptic error messages.

I'd be happy to do what I can to avoid straining your servers.  However,
I am not particularly eager to spend an hour or so trying to unravel the
mysteries of a program that is unlikely to be of much benefit to me. 
Perhaps when I am not trying to download something, I'll give this
another shot.  But for now - forget it.


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