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:) i feel great!-feel younger, look younger


u~,s^~a   m'e_ds &    nex-t~.day    del-,iv'^er-

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He put the indicator to north-west,--the direction of home--and very slowly
the machine obeyed and carried him away from the plateau and across the
islandMoving leisurely over the city, he selected a deserted thoroughfare to
alight in, from whence he wandered unobserved into the beautiful boulevards

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As a matter of fact you are rather ugly-looking creatures yourselves, and
I'm sure mother has often told us we were the loveliest and prettiest things
in all the world
I'm afraid I did not get a chance to give many hints to inventors or
scientists, said Rob
the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
artificiar10encante79enajenamiento,esci`tica guzpatarero.

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