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Current testing installation runs rather smooth now

> I downloaded CD sarge-i386-1 from testing with jigdo and tried to use it
> but it doesn't boot. I've checked it with 2 different system and the CD
> from April boots on both. Is this a known fact and when are bootable CD
> available?
Okay the new created CD boots again and it's amaizing how smooth the
installation now went. No show stoppers at all, congratulation!

Still there are some minor points:

- For anybody who doesn't want to partition and format the whole disk,
the wording for the creation of a single partition (multi boot disk)
isn't clear, at least the german translation still can be mistaken. I
mention this point only because this is a very very dangerous action.

- The installation of Grub might also need some clarifications, again
this might only be the german translation. I'm always face to not
exactly know if it's installed into the partitions boot block or not.

- Tasksel just starts aptitude. IMO aptitude is worse the dselect but
that's a personal disliking. I prefer the old way where one just could
choose the overall desktop, development, server, etc. and use afterwards
his prefered app to fine tune it.

- I somehow missed the network installation/configuration. Don't know if
I missed it by my mistake or if it really is missing.

Some very important packages are missing from the first CD or aren't
installed from the beginning:

- vim: vi doesn't even have a split command, vi should be replaced!

- modconf: IMO an essential package for installing kernel modules.

- configure-debian: Super package only missing some small infos, a
complete replace for dpkg-reconfigure. IMO also essential.

Since anyone today has at least a 15" display the base install should
discover the framebuffer and install it as early as possible. Can you
imagine a Debian installation with 1280x1024 resolution?

Well that's about it.

O. Wyss

How to enhance your code, see "http://freshmeat.net/projects/wxguide/";

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