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Re: ppc and m68k images getting too big

>Hmmm. It looks like the HFS hybrid stuff on ppc/m68k makes the images
>too large if I don't tweak the image sizes substantially. On a
>DVD-sized image I'm going ~300MB too big, which is a bit of a
>problem. Is anybody else seeing this? Manty?

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I seem to be lacking the avility to find
free time lately.

Yes, I'm seing differences in sizes in powerpc and m68k cds, right now my
script to build cds at gluck says this:

if [ ! "$SIZELIMIT1" ]
  case "$ARCH" in
    i386)    export SIZELIMIT1=650000000;;
    ia64)    export SIZELIMIT1=650000000;;
    m68k)    export SIZELIMIT1=637000000;;
    powerpc) export SIZELIMIT1=577000000;;
    *)       export SIZELIMIT1=657000000;;
if [ ! "$SIZELIMIT" ]
  case "$ARCH" in
    m68k) export SIZELIMIT=640000000;;
    *)    export SIZELIMIT=670000000;;

This were just adjustments I did having a look at the resulting sizes of the

For what I see m68k is bigger in every cd, but powerpc isn't, the
differences in the first cd sizes could be due to the stuff put on the cd by
d-i (kernels, images, ...)

I think this can be handled using the .calc files in debian-cd, but I have
never used that, anybody can enlighten us?

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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