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Fulfilling our source obligation

[please cc me as I'm not on debian-cd, thanks.]

Hi debian-cd,

I tend to attend a lot of tradeshows and often help run Debian booths at these 
shows where we try to hand out as many Debian CDs as possible. This usually 
means disk1 of the lastest stable release, mostly i386 (99%) and we try to 
have a laptop with burner on hand with disk1's of the other archs, to burn on 
demand any other requests we get.

In the process of giving out all these CDs it occurred to me that Debian could 
make it easier for people giving out CDs to fulfill their source 
obligation(required by some licenses like the GPL) by creating an ISO image 
that also contained it's own source. This ISO would clearly contain less 
binary packages than the current disk1, but probably more than the 155mb 
"mini-ISO" that a lot of people use anyway. It should be more than enough for 
people with at least some internet connection (even dialup) to use.

If created, I would like to see this be an officially supported image, but I 
am _not_ advocating that we do away with the existing disk1. (as long as we're 
blessing images with "official" I think there should be an official 155mb 
mini-ISO and maybe even an official 64mb (for usb keychains) too).

What do people think? Is this a reasonable idea? Should I start looking in to 
what it would take to make the current processes do this? (or does someone 
who's already doing it want to save me the trouble? I'm not above bribery, 
name your price)


Matt Taggart

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