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Re: Should we change the way we boot?

On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:

> Some time ago somebody asked on our lists why didn't we made our cds
> behave like the Windows cd do, in the sense that if you forget the cd in
> the drive while rebooting the machine, and this one boots from the cd,
> if the user doesn't touch the keyboard in a certain time, the boot
> continues from the Hard Disk.

Yes, I like the idea.

> I have written an small assembler .cbt program today that if called from
> syslinux, isolinux, ... boots from the HD, if that fails it tries with the
> FD, and if that fails outputs a message saying that boot has failed and
> waits for the user to hit a key and then reboots.

Good work, thanks!

> The problem with this idea is that, to make the program run when
> syslinux times out, this program must be syslinux default boot, and
> thus, if you just hit enter or return, you'll end up booting from your
> HD instead of booting the install, which is what we did up to now, and
> this can be confusing for the people.

I believe we should find a way how to make syslinux do different thing
after timeout and after hitting enter. Enter should start a normal
install, IMHO. Maybe something like ESC should boot from disk ...


-- Jan Houstek

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