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Re: boot-cd

<asgart_og@web.de> writes:

> Hello,
> I have an easy question.
> Which CD-Image is for booting?
> I have download "sarge-i386-1.iso" but when I boot from it the programm it stops.
> I see only the starting screen where you can select F1 or BOOT, then it break off.
> Send me a link or a filename for downloading, please.
> MfG
> Frank

You have the right CD. In fact all debian CDs can boot. The first CD
contains multiple kernels and you can pick one of them (read the help
and docs on the CD). All other CDs contain just one of the flavours
present on the first CD in a different way and are for cases where the
first CD doesn't boot.

Since you see the info screen the CD aparently boots so thats not the
problem. Try typing bf2.4 at the prompt.


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