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Re: Bug#242337: module-init-tools-udeb breaks 2.4.x debian-installer, MUST be optional priority

Quoting Joey Hess:
> module-init-tools-udeb is listed in the d-i netinst ISO image as
> Priority: standard, despite being listed in the official Packages file
> from ftp.debian.org as Priority: extra. This breaks the debian
> installer, thus the severity of this bug report.

debian-cd uses the override files when they are available ...

$ ls /scratch/mirror/debian/indices/*debian-installer*

But we only have an override file for sid. Thus when we generate sarge
images, we have wrong priorities.

> If this fix to debian-cd cannot be done immediatly, please tell me. I
> know that we have some other udebs that have their priority currently
> overrided, and if debian-cd is not going to be fixed, I will need to
> make a practice of checking over all such udebs for problems.

I don't think that anything needs to be fixed in debian-cd, you'd better
correct everything on ftpmaster's side.

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