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Re: Compact and/or bf 2.4 (or else?)

> I have a rather recent computer (about three years old) and would like to
> install woody.
> In order to save on servers usage and bandwidth, I thought to download (using
> jigdo) just the base CD, install the system, and then slowly gather all the rest
> from the internet, later, using something called apt-get.
> Would it be a wise approach?

> Also, debian documentation
> [http://www.debian.org/releases/woody/i386/ch-install-methods.en.html#s4.1] says
> that:
> a) `compact' CD would support my 3c905 Boomerang card (without which an
> installation would be useless);
> b) `bf2.4' CD better supports new things. Also I heard that such bf2.4 thing is
> better.

I didn't see this at paragraph 4.1. Isn't the 3c905 supported everywhere?
Woody is old ... normally a 2.2 kernel .. but bf2.4 gives you a 2.4 kernel.
(bf is just a name....)

> Now: which CD shall I use? Compact or bf2.4?

I think it's a free choice ... you want to move to Sarge and a 2.6 kernel soon.
> I also heard of some "option of bf24 install", some command maybe that you put
> somewhere...

CD 1 has four boot images. If your hardware "multi-boots" you'll see a menu.
> In case it is true: 
> a) How does it work?  

google for boot "el Torito"

> b) Will I download both CDs, all the same?

You'll need CD 1 or a "net install" CD. If your hardware doesn't "multi-boot"
you might want an additional CD. There are other choices.

Regards, Gordon

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