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Re: 2.2 iso of jigdo files still available?

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:

> > In fact there are still some jigdo files for 2.2r7 (the last potato
> > release) on open. I don't know if they're official or not at this
> > point; they're not publically accessible atm.
> We removed them from cdimage.d.o when potato was removed from the archive,
> thinking that they wouldn't be very usable.
> Perhaps a snapshot of isos somewhere would be nice too, there might be one
> on planetmirror? Jason?

i think i have snapshots of 2.2r7 jigdo and cdrom images on PM.


> Of course, given a decent storage donation, I could set an archive section
> up on cdimage.d.o. :)

i've been wondering about this - *is* there an archive.debian.org setup for
_every_ package and revision released ?  i know there are snapshots taken
for jigdo purposes but what happens currently to manage the whole process?



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