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Re: Inages

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 15:24, Tobby Olupot wrote:
> I am running Windowx XP and I would like to download a CD image and
> install Debian on a i385 computer from oregonstate image.
> Which images do I need for a stable version and how can I create the
> CD's step-by-step?
> Tobby~O

Tobby, what you are asking has been documented in the Debian GNU/Linux
3.0 Installation Manual.  You can read it online[1] or download a PDF
file to print[2].

Please Read The Fine Manual before you get started; Many common
questions are covered therein, including how/where to get a CD image and
what to do with it.

Lee Colleton <freedomfighter@member.fsf.org>
Free Software Foundation associate member since 2003 (#1793)


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