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Re: A question

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 06:40:14AM -0800, Riza Dindir wrote:
> I am planning on getting the Debian Linux distribution. I want to know if
> java (jsdk) is on the CD distributions to do JSP, servlets, anything with
> java development on the server side? Or do I have to get that from other
> sources?

Sun's Java is not part of Debian. You can get .debs for it from Blackdown,
<http://www.blackdown.org/> Tomcat is part of Debian.

> Better yet, can you send me a listing of what is inside the distribution
> CD's or give me a URL where I could find that information.

The .jigdo files contain a compressed list of packages for the respective 
CD/DVD image. You can look at it with "zless" under Unix, under Windows try 
giving it a .gz extension.

> Can you tell me if the CD (DVD) distros have all the packages (8710
> packages or so)?

The CDs/DVDs contain the complete set of packages, except for the stuff in
the non-free section, which is not very interesting these days IMHO. The
exact number of packages depends on the distribution (stable/testing/



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