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Freeware CD burning apps for win32


Thought I'd let you know about some free alternatives to 
the CD burning applications for Windows mentioned on 
your page at www.debian.org/CD/faq/

They are:



CDBurner XP Pro

They are listed in order of usefullness, according to my experience 
with them. burnatonce is perhaps the most simple, but it does what I 
want, and works well, so it's my favorite. 

On my antiquated computer, a 233 MHz Intel MMX w/ 128 MB EDO-DRAM, 
running Windows 98 SE (not for long!), it took just under 7 minutes 
to burn 10 wav files (totaling 549 MB) to CD. 

Settings were: 
- max speed set to 16x 
- buffer protection turned on (must be supported by CDRW unit) 
- buffers set to 128 

Hope this is helpful!

greetings from

Inge Thorin Eidsaether
scorn at inbox dot com

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