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Re: How .iso when .jigdo is out of date date (eg. 3 days with sid)

Hi Hans

>    how can I complete the jigdo-lite creation process,
> when the sid*386*.jigdo files are eg. three dates out of date,
> so not all packages they refer to are in the pool?

I have successfully used snapshot.debian.net for this purpose.

That server creates "snapshots" of the Debian archive for every day,
so for example if your jigdo images are dated 19th of January of this
year, you can use this URL to find the missing packages:

>    Can I rsync the no complete .iso.tmp with .iso image on a server
> to get the complete image? How to do that, so only necessary parts of
> the image are transfered? rsync -c?

You could do that (if you could find such an .iso image) but then you miss
out on the features of jigdo (widespread availability of individual
packages, less load on .iso mirrors etc)

You might be able to loop mount your .iso.tmp image (mount -o loop iso.tmp
/mnt/) and point jigdo at that directory when collecting packages for your
new jigdo file.


 - Matt Kemner

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