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Re: Problem in sarge DVD 1

On Saturday 24 January 2004 15:25, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> > > Why don't you use the official testing images available at
> > > http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/
> >
> > Probably because of missing rsync --daemon.
> What do you need rsync for?
> sarge-i386-1.jigdo      23-Jan-2004 21:07   195k
> sarge-i386-2.jigdo      23-Jan-2004 21:07   158k
> sarge-i386-1.template   23-Jan-2004 19:56   277M
> sarge-i386-2.template   23-Jan-2004 21:06  10.8M
> The only file in which rsync would give you some kind of speed up is the
> template for the first dvd and I really don't think you'll get a lot of
> speedup.

It is not about speedups at all, it is about easy/wise/sane/safe synchronizing 
cdimage/testing/ dir on gluck with our local tree. I dont want to download 
file by file again and again if it has not been updated at the server side. 
We want to rsync (cron) all of these files frequently and at one shot because 
(with no any browsing needed) there are different users here which choose to 
test different files... I don't see how I sync gluck dirs thru http now ...  
wget -m and such are not suitable at all ;-) ... and we want to fetch ISO 
files from gluck for those who "dont know"/"dont want"/"cannot"/ use 
jigdo-lite... again rsync will save our time/energy/efforts/etc.

> Anyway, I really just produce the images, I cannot say what needs to be in
> the machine, rsync has been requested several times, maybe we should ask
> the admins :-?

Right... And Thanks for the Great Work of you, I just suggest that rsyncd will 
make the distribution of these files to the users much more efficient.

> > I also have some problems with ftp.fsh.hu files, some jigdo .templates
> > are still ~>600MB ... just to mention some of them:
> Well, I cannot tell you anything about those images.

Yes I know that, I just inform you that I choose fsh.hu instead of gluck even 
with those broken big files present there. I fact I browse the 
debian-unofficial ftp folder on ftp.fsn.hu and --exclude them as well before 
every single rsync session... but gluck holds more fresh jigdo files 
especially for testing of d-i... 

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