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Re: Future of debian-cd

[ I cced dwn@debian.org in my initial mail in order to have a paragraph
about debian-cd in DWN next week - no need to continue CCing them even
if my Mail-Followup-To included them ]
Le Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 03:59:52PM +0100, Richard Atterer écrivait:
> I think the idea of using a Makefile at all wasn't that good in retrospect. 

In some aspects it was interesting, I liked to be able to avoid redoing
stuff which were already done when I corrected something by hand. But
that's it.

> Maybe it would be nicer to use "run-parts": A top-level script executes
> everything in a "stages" directory in alphabetical order. The individual
> stages could then have further directories of their own where
> substage-scripts for that stage of the process are stored. This would get 
> rid of all that "hook" ugliness...
> There could be different top-level "stages" directories for the different 
> CD flavours, with symlinks to scripts which are identical between any two 
> of them. This has the advantage that you can fork code any time; instead of 
> linking from the sarge version to the woody version, just make a copy of 
> the script, then make changes/hacks which are woody-only.
> Each top-level "stages" dir could also come with configuration files 
> preconfigured for that particular CD flavour.
> Well, something like that... I don't know if the above would work. :)

It's exactly something like that that I had in mind when I spoke of
"profile" in my initial mail. And I have the same problem than you, it
looks like nice but I didn't took the time to see it it fits as well as
I hope.

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