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Another way to burn debian CDs under Windows

Hi, I'm not a member of this list, but I see in the FAQ that other ways of
burning debian CD's uder Windows should be reported. Well, I have been using
Daemon-Tools (NOT DJ Bernstein's Unix daemontools, it's the Windows one which
gives us virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives, get it from http://www.daemon-tools.cc/)
and CloneCD (note that CloneCD has been discontinued by Elaborate Bytes AG, get
it from http://www.clonecd.net/ instead).

First, mount the image you want to burn to a virtual drive.
Then, fire up CloneCD.
Click "Copy CD".
Choose the drive on which the image is mounted as the source, and the CD/DVD-RW
drive which contains the blank CD.
Follow the instructions, and you get a working Debian CD.

P.S. I haven't tried the DVD method actually, but I have tried to burn CDs of
other GNU/Linux distros without failure.

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