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jigdo / sh.exe error

I downloaded jigdo (for Windows) and started to download woody for i386.
My platform is Intel Pentium3 (600 MHz) with 256 MB RAM running Windows
2000 SP 4. I got an initial error from sh.exe when I ran jigdo-lite:

AllocationBase 0x0, BaseAddress 0x71590000, RegionSize 0x180000, State
sh.exe: *** Couldn't reserve space for cygwin's heap, Win32 error 6

I closed all programs to try giving it more memory. This time, jigdo-lite
started successfully, it downloaded the first .template file (28 MB)
from the nearest mirror and then exited with the following error:

Merging parts from `file:' URIs, if any...

m.AllocationBase 0x0, m.BaseAddress 0x71590000, m.RegionSize 0x180000,
m.State 0x10000
sh.exe: *** Couldn't reserve space for cygwin's heap (0x71590000
<0xF10000>) in child, Win32 error 6
      0 [main] sh 1804 sync_with_child: child 1960(0x2E0) died before
initialization with status code 0x1
    278 [main] sh 1804 sync_with_child: *** child state waiting for
jigdo-lite: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

I tried the whole process on a different machine (dual Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz
with 1 GB RAM running Windows 2000 SP4). It didn't even allocate memory
for cygwin's heap.

I would appreciate any help you may have.

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