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Re: Bug#221907: no need to always install pcmcia-cs for d-i

On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 12:30:24PM +0100, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> Am Mon, den 22.12.2003 schrieb Joey Hess um 07:59:
> > Anthony Towns wrote:
> > > Yes, that is the answer I want. How about pcmcia-cs?
> > Same story, hw-detect apt-installs it if it sees that the machine has a
> > pcmcia bus, and later kernel-installer takes care of installing the
> > matching kernel-pcmcia-modules package for i386.
> Please take into account that debian-cd uses debootstrap to find out
> what has to be on the netinst cd's. Although these packages should not
> be installed by debootstrap they should not be removed from these cds!

Hrm. I suspect what I'll do is setup --debian-installer to ignore those
packages, which should keep things working okay in the short term.

In the long term, though, I'd like to switch so that debootstrap doesn't
know about these optional packages (except perhaps for the --boot-floppies
argument for a little while longer), so debian-cd (and the basedebs
generating code) is going to need some other way of working out which
other packages are useful to have around.

Who's going to take responsibility for this?

Overrides on the ftp site might work okay, with the caveat that they have to
be the same on all architectures. Something like:

	Package: pcmcia-cs
	Version: blah
	Base: optional

could work, eg. That would require debian-cd to select the debs that
debootstrap says is needed _as well as_ the debs listed as "Base:
optional" in the Packages file.

It'd be possible to add a "--all-base" or "--debian-cd" argument to
debootstrap for debian-cd to use to list all these packages, which might
be okay.

The alternative seems to be for "d-i" to tell debian-cd which debs it needs
to have available directly somehow.


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