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Re: say what?

At 01:13 PM 12/19/2003 +0100, Richard Atterer wrote:
On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 11:09:20PM -0800, NymSandra wrote:
> Why is it that no one seems able to give me directions on jigdo in anything
> less than 10 hours of reading?  I've spent that last 4 hours trying to get
> it to work and all it ever says is;
> jigdo-lite: sed: command not found
> Press any key to continue...

Did you follow the advice on the website? "In WinZip, click on "Extract",
don't just drag the files to a directory."



There is an easier way to make this error .... if you turn on the zip compression tools in WinXP, you can double-click, click "extract" and it installs an extra sub-folder ... then the path in the batch file is incorrect and the above error occurs. Since all the files have the same names, this isn't very clear.

Example: Open file explorer and create new folder "c:\try". Copy "jigdo-win-0.7.0a.zip" to "c:\try". Double-click on "jigdo-win-0.7.0a.zip". The extract dialog default is "extract to c:\try\jigdo-win-0.70a.zip" If you click yes, the zip archive is treated like a sub-folder and the files extracted under the zip archive. (The path variable in the batch file doesn't know this....) Some setting in WinXP controls this because this doesn't happen all the time.)

Perhaps a line in the README.txt file should say the extract creates three files in your working directory and a sub-folder with 16 more.

Regards, Gordon

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