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Re: Jigdo template size problem

On Friday 19 December 2003 11:41, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> > All sarge i386 .template files generated after December 5 are ~600Mb
> > in size, is this inentional?
> Where is that?
> I mean, my templates are around 30 megs, even the DVD ones, which are only
> a little bit bigger than the cd ones.

This is true, but I also confirm that I saw 600-700megs .template files at:


It was around 16 ... 18 December 2003. now They are re-generated and available 
for x86 arch only. I have no idea what could break the .template file in a 
such way.

> > Also is it possible to generate template files locally?
> Sorry, I don't get this, are you building your own images?
> The template files for jigdo are generated by jigdo-file when we build the
> cd images, that's the only way I see of generating templates.

Right. Everything is explained in /usr/share/debian-cd/CONF.sh

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