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Absolute template URLs in official .jigdo files


every now and then, there are complaints from people who mirror the 
official .jigdo/.template files: The .jigdo files contain absolute 
.template URLs, so the templates are always fetched from us.cdimage, which 
creates a single point of failure and defeats the purpose of mirroring the 
.jigdo/.template files.

Could this be changed to use relative URLs for future releases?

One reason for the absolute URLs was that the version of jigdo-lite in
woody didn't allow them. This is no longer true as of 3.0r2 - jigdo-file
0.6.5-2 supports them.

I think the other reason is that Phil doesn't want people to download the 
templates from non-us.cdimage, just from us.cdimage. Phil, maybe you could 
solve this issue on your side by using HTTP redirects?



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