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Problem with jigdo-file?


I tried to build DVD Images with the debian-cd script and jigdo (0.7.0
from Richard's website). Since I can't connect to cvs.d.o since the
compromise I used the old script (by the way: Are there any updates or
is cvs available again?) and it works fine and I got good images. But
now I tried to make jigdo-files of them (with the script) and I got
very many errors like the following:

mktemplate.cc:626: Assertion failed, `nextAlignedOff > off'

Between hundreds of this messages there are the "normal" ones like

Match of `pool/contrib/a/avalon-excalibur/libavalon-excalibur-java_4.1-1_all.deb' at offset 4536459264

But the jigdo-files do work - so is there anything wrong? I didn't
find anything about this message. If anything is ok, then I would
publish my jigdo and template files because many asked for them.

Thanks for help!

Jan (and have a nice advent season)

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