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Re: jigdo images

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 12:37:16PM -0000, Ralph Doak wrote:
> Apologies if my ignorance is misleading me into asking a stupid question, but
> I have downloaded the following files:
> woody-i386-1.jigdo
> woody-i386-1.template
> Question is: What commands (if any) will get jigdo-lite to create the iso
> images from the files I have already downloaded rather than from a remote
> location on the WWWeb?  If necessary, the above files can be placed on
> another workstation on the intranet to which I am connected, btw.

jigdo-lite _has_to_ access another location to download further files,
because (to put it simply) the .jigdo/.template files contain hardly more 
than instructions on how to download those further files.

The only possibility to avoid accessing the internet from your intranet is 
to have a local Debian mirror inside the intranet - but even then, 
jigdo-lite might still try to fetch a few files from elsewhere.



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