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Jigdo feature request

Richard (and others),

Phil and I were discussing things late last week and one thing we've
both thought of (but forgotten to mention before) would be a nice new
feature for jigdo. Hopefully it should be easy...

At the moment, the jigdo images also pick up on various bits and
pieces of READMEs that live in the root of the mirror, and various
other docs. If these change between point releases (or if people are
not keeping full mirrors), it's very common to have to download these
files every time the user creates an image.

It would be nice if jigdo could be told to always ignore (i.e. always
place in the template file) files whose names matched a user-specified
regexp. We could then specify --ignore=/README --ignore=/doc/ to kill
these at build time.

Or it might be a better move to remove these files from the list we
generate in jigdofilelist. But I think the existing code in debian-cd
looks like it tries to do this, and clearly it's not working.


Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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