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Re: Silo breakage creating woody r2 CDs for sparc

On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 01:31:26AM +0000, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>We're late getting the r2 images created, and changes to the packages
>that we need to use don't help. The script to make sparc CDs bootable
>contains the following:
>silo_deb=`ls $MIRROR/pool/main/s/silo/silo_*.deb | tail -1`
># put the relevant parts of SILO boot loader
>(ar p $silo_deb data.tar.gz | \
>        tar zxf - -C $inst/ ./boot/{cd,second}.b)
>This currently picks up silo_1.3.1-2_sparc.deb, which doesn't contain
>a cd.b file at all, so the sparc build fails. Generally after an hour
>of frantic disk-thrashing. I don't know if the change to silo is
>deliberate or not, but for now I'm patching the script to use the bits
>out of silo_1.2.5-2_sparc.deb instead, as that seems to have what we
>need. If this is wrong, please shout!

Christ. This gets even better. Two more runs, and things are failing
further down the line. mkisofs now complains:

/usr/bin/mkisofs: No such file or directory. Invalid node - boot/second.b

I go looking for the reason, and I can't find one - the directory
boot1 is included in the command line, and that's where boot/second.b
lives. Why is it failing. Oh, I see - the options passed in

-silo-boot boot/second.b -s /boot/silo.conf -S boot/cd.b boot1

aren't being parsed properly. It seems that recent versions of mkisofs
don't support the -silo-boot option. And nobody has flagged this as a
problem AT ALL. I'm now trying again, hacking around this by using an
old woody version of mkisofs. FFS, this should not be necessary.

If this next attempted build fails, I'm going to abandon the sparc
images altogether, and recommend that woody r2 does not include sparc
CDs. Does anybody actually care in the SLIGHTEST about supporting
sparc CDs? It certainly doesn't look that way. It's now 2.30am here,
and I'm going to bed. I'll check in the morning if the CDs built, but
as it stands right now I'd be quite surprised...

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
Is there anybody out there?

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