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Re: jigdo

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 06:50:52PM +0000, Philip Hands wrote:
>Well, I was rather hoping to have them ready by now (or even by when
>you asked ;-) but for some reason jigdo has been producing broken
>.template files for i386 on open.hands.com on the last couple of
>attempts, and each attempt seems to be taking ages too, and I had a
>couple of broken .debs on my mirror as well which killed another
>couple of attempts.  Oh well.
>I'm re-running the attempt now, with the option to generate the .iso
>images as well, rather than doing the jigdos only, which was what I
>was doing before, so even if the jigdo stage fails again we should
>have some images soon for i386.

Phil, if it helps I can start doing images and jigdos of other
architectures on the mirror on sledge, and then we can at least run in
parallel to improve performance. I'll start working backwards
alphabetically, so I'm doing sparc first... OK?

I should be able to upload the first set of .jigdo and .template files
in the morning, as sledge still has much better I/O than open, and
doesn't have to support a load of mirror users in parallel.

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