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Re: cds

"JeffMacko" <jeffnsophia@aei.ca> writes:

> Debian:
> I can't seem to find anyone to tell me the diff. from scsi and regular
> burning[writing]. Is there an accuracy diff. why pay so much more for scsi. I
> want to buy an 8cd burner but I don't want drop out or anything half way
> thru. Is scsi more faultless.or even 100%?
> Looking forward to your reply, Ive searched for months.
> Thanks Alot
> Jeff&sophia@aei.ca

This is rather offtopic but here we go:

Until recently ide burners would work through a scsi emulation layer
(ide-scsi) so that they would appear as scsi burners to the
software. But nowadays burning directly to ATAPI is also possible.

As to the difference, scsi is of cause the better system and the firms
let you bleed for it. Ide has drawbacks when using multiple drives at
once (like harddisk and burner together) but nothing severe for a home
system. A firm wouldn't want its database server to go to half speed
just because the backup system is burning a cdrom.

>From time to time ide gets errors where scsi would corret the
error. But even if its as much as 1 cd in 100 that fails due to ide
(and I'm not saying its anywhere that much) just think about how many
cds you have to burn before you recoverd the extra price for scsi.


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