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changes I'd like to commit and discuss


Well, I've been having some changes around for some time at gluck that I'd
like to commit and others that I'd like to discuss with you, first let me
explain the ones I think should be put in:

I have written an script that I have named tools/generate_di+k_list like the
one we had already and that was named tools/generate_di, this one generates
the debian-installer+kernel task list, It is an script that may have to be
completely rewritten as the kernels packages continue to change, but what I
tried with it was to generate a debian-installer+kernel task that was
multiarch and that had the best kernel for each of the arches we are
currently building bootable cds for.

So, what I'm proposing to commit is: this generate_di+k script, the task it
generates (debian-installer+kernel), an upgraded task file for
debian-installer and also the post-boot-alpha script that is currently
broken for sarge (tries to use disks-alpha from woody, Vorlon, can you
please have a look at this and confirm mine is ok?) I'm putting all this at
http://people.debian.org/~manty for you to have a look at them.

Now, about what I wanted to discuss, it is mainly relative to dialing with
powerpc yaboot, we have not yet commited the boot-powerpc script as it is
not yet finished, but Thorsten Sauter is working on it and when we have it
ready it will be commited, however there are some things I'd like to know
your opinion on...

Right now our debian-cd/data/yaboot/ directory looks like this:
	boot.msg  ofboot.b  potato-yaboot.conf  yaboot.conf
where the boot.msg and yaboot.conf files are from woody, this two files
need to be changed for sarge, so either we move the yaboot dir to
debian-cd/data/$CODENAME and put there the files for each release without
any prefix, or we prefix woody scripts and the new sarge ones with
$CODENAME, I really think that moving the yaboot dir is the best we can do,
anyway, either this solutions should mean changes in potato and woody
powerpc boot scripts.

The boot script we have now for sarge and which is still missing some little
things, currently downloads this yaboot related files from tsauter's page at
people.debian.org, but I really think we should place them in debian-cd,
like it was done before.

BTW it seems like there is a bug, in woody boot-powerpc scripts boot.msg is
copied like it is, withoug doing a s/CODENAME/$CODENAME so you can read in
the cd: Welcome to Debian GNU/Linux PowerPC (CODENAME)
To fix this either we replace the CODENAME with "Woody" in woody's boot.msg
or we add the sed line to replace it in boot-powerpc.

Well, I guess this is all, I'm waiting for your comments on all this.

Right now we are building bootable i386 and alpha cds, with powerpc almost
ready and ia64 on the way, however there are other 7 arches, I think not all
of them cd-bootable anyway, of which I don't have any news relating sarge
cds :-(

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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