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Using the update cd from removable media (ie zip)

Greetings -

I'm doing the semi-sneakernet method of Debian 30r1 procurement.  Grab the iso images via jigdo at a site with dedicated T1.  Split the files onto zip disk.  Reassemble them on home machine.  Burn to CD.

This is much faster than my previous method of building a Debian box.  Base install with floppies.  Get update via modem.  Use sneakernet with wget on remote Unix and download debs to T1 site Windows-zip-drive-capable machine.

Everyone with me? ;-)

So I'm in the process of zipping up CD's two and three.  And I noticed the update 30r1 files.  I imagine that there will be additional updates to Woody.  And even though cd's are cheap, I find it hard to burn a cd that will become obsolete in time.

So to make a short story long.  Can I copy the updated iso image to a zip disk and perform updates from there?  Or is there a more clever way of doing so?

Thanks in advance.

Tony -

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