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Re: jigdo files for sid-dvd

Jens Seidel wrote:
This seems to be wrong. Jigdo-lite uses wget to download files and these files are generally small. I don't know what program is used to create the large image file and indeed it's possible that this fails in Woody, but I'm not sure.
I make them on Debian Sarge.

PS: The first dvd jigdo file contains a wrong URL (zless sid-i386-1.jigdo)
Please note that "sid-dvd" should be used instead of "sid".
I will correct them, thanks.

ShortInfo='Debian GNU/Linux N/A "Sid" - fsn.hu unofficial i386 Binary-1 CD'
What does N/A stand for?
Not Available. I can't use any numbers here, because SID won't be released. There were two options for the version number: blank and NA.

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