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Re: ISO, Images ETC

> > I downloaded a bootcd from the debian org site and I got an image- iso,
> > when Iburned this cd on my machine , all I had was a file with an is file
> > type. I think I need an intermediate step and some additional software
> > other than nero.
> Please see <http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#record-windows> for instructions 
> on how to correctly make a CD from the .iso file. Nero works fine AFAIK.

It works perfectly on Windows, as does Jigdo-lite, that's where I burnt
my first Debian .iso :.) IIRC you simply change the .iso to .nrg and
Nero will burn as many copies as you want without complaint.

John Holroyd <valisk@softhome.net>
Demos Technosis Ltd

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