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CD Burning programs for windows


While reading through the Debian CD faq (I'm planning on doing my first
Debian installation this evening), I noticed your section on burning CD
images under windows.  I have been using cdrecord under windows for a couple
of years - it is just so much faster and more reliable than any commercial
burning program that I have tried.  But for those who don't like
command-line programs (and cdrecord has a *lot* of options), you might like
to give a link to http://demosten.com/cdrfe/ , which is a front-end for
cdrecord and makeisofs for windows - much k3b or xcdroast for X.

I am not subscribed to this mailing list (I'm on too many lists already), so
if anyone wants to contact me, you'll need to mail me directly.  I know that
posting to a mailing list without subscribing is a bit impolite, but I hope
my tip will be a useful addition to the faq.


David Brown

"Utvikling er kunsten av å vikle seg ut av det man har viklet seg inn i"

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