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First time installer but fails


I am just starting off building and installing Debian for the first time for the I386 platform.  I just built the Debian Stable release 3.0R1 with Jigdo and did not see any errors and the checksum was good.  I burnt the CD-1 and booted into it.  It all looked good until it was running through the "Install the Base System" section when it failed.

It told me this:

        file:  /listmnt/pool/main/m/manpages/manpages_1.39-1.1_all.deb was corrupt
        Couldn't download manpages

I could not go any further in the install.

I tired deleting and recreated the first .ISO file (debian-30r1-i386-binary-1.iso) and then burned another CD and tried that one.  Same exact place it died.  

Is it something I am doing wrong is the distribution corrupted?


David Effa
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