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jigdo didn' t work for me. Bye bye Debian

Hello at Debian

I'm new to Debian, having used Mandrake happily for years. I just tried
using jigdo, followed all the instructions on the Debian site and would
it download - would it not.

If anything is going to put new users off using Debian it is surely your
reluctance to make ANYTHING simple. I mean, with all the other distros
you just download the ISOs and that's it. I don't know what it is with
the Debian crowd but this simple process has been substituted with:

1. Download (useless) jigdo (Windows)
2. Chase-up several mirror addresses
3. Run batch script
4. Try to work-out whether you should be entering /debian/ or
5. Second-guess what's required at each step
6. Wait for template file to load
7. Throw-up arms in exasperation when it refuses to download the files

Even before I managed to download anything Debian has surpassed its own
reputation for being a time-waster designed only for uber-geek
hobbyists. For anyone who values their time this distro is a complete


Garry Heaton

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