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Re: Debian DVD

On Sat, 15 Mar 2003 22:30, Travis Place wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a DVD-RW drive, and wish to make a Debian DVD..However, i have the
> problem that i can only download 3Gb per month, without having to pay 13c
> per mb after that..
> My ISP allows for some downloads from "FREE" sites which dont count towards
> my 3Gb Quota..I have obtained, from one of those "FREE" sites, the 7
> 'woody' CDs.
> My question is this..
> Is there a way to use those 7 cd's to build a DVD iso, so i can burn it,
> and install from it etc. ?
> If so, how would i go about this ?


If / when you can find a jigdo site for the dvd image use jigdo.

After you have downloaded the template and .jigdo for the dvd you can run it 
repeatedly using your cdrom as source with each debian cd in turn.

If your cds and the jigdo dvd are the same revision you will never have to 
download a byte.

Problem is I don't know if the dvd jigdo mirror was ever sorted out.


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