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Where is Jiigdo-area SOURCE for Sarge?

Hello again, Richard / All,

I am happily engaged in downloading the sources for 3.0r1, have completed
(Jigdo'd) up to the 4th CD -- as a developer having the source gives me a
wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling ;-).

I want more of this feeling and that has led me to look for the source
files for Sarge/testing.

Having done so, I have encountered an anomaly, and I was hoping some of
you knowledgeable folks could clear it up for me. At the url:


There is every architecture from 'alpha' to 'sparc' available, but *not*
'source'. WHERE is the source? Is this an unintentional omission or a
predictable effect of some Debian development policy / system mechanism
that I don't know about?

Index of /cdimage/testing/jigdo-area  

 Name                    Last modified       Size  
 Parent Directory        24-Jan-2003 19:48      -  
 alpha/                  22-Feb-2003 07:46      -  
 arm/                    22-Feb-2003 09:02      -  
 hppa/                   22-Feb-2003 10:11      -  
 i386/                   22-Feb-2003 11:54      -  
 ia64/                   22-Feb-2003 13:09      -  
 m68k/                   22-Feb-2003 14:12      -  
 mips/                   22-Feb-2003 15:21      -  
 mipsel/                 22-Feb-2003 16:27      -  
 powerpc/                22-Feb-2003 17:36      -  
 s390/                   22-Feb-2003 18:39      -  
 sparc/                  22-Feb-2003 19:47      -  


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     Soren A

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