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Adding the CD vendor in your list

Dear webmaster:
I would like you to include my shop into your site, here is the detail:

Vendor: Hong Kong Linux Shop
URL: http://www.hklinuxshop.com
URL for Debian Page: http://hklinuxshop.com/debian.htm
Allows Contribution to Debian: No
CD Type: Official CD+non-us,Development Snapshot
Architectures: Alpha; i386(mainly); PPC; source
Country: Hong Kong
Ship International: within Hong Kong
email: info@hklinuxshop.com

The site is in Big-5 code(Chinese), English version will soon available.
Moreover, the site of the vendor East Data Hong Kong
http://www.easthk.com is unreachable or does not exist.
Thank you for adding the new information.
Your faithfully,
Hong Kong Linux Shop

½ì©Ç¯d¨¥«H½c ·s¦~¼é¬y¤è¦V

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