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Re: newbie - debian 3.0ro to 3.0r1 possible ?

At 05:15 AM 02/12/18 -0800, Linux Geek wrote:

i just got debian 3.0r0 .iso files (7 huge files)

will i be able to update it to 3.0r1 without
downloading the binaries again ?

Yes, of course. There are many ways to do this - probably easiest with jigdo. I like rsync. If you used 700MB CDRs, there's even enough room to update your current CDRs!
Then there's the update CD ... etc.


looks like 3.0r1 is not available yet - btw when it
will be available ?

ps : i am a newbie - its a silly question :)

It will be available "soon."

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