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Re: Local .debs not being found.

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Timothy J. Miller wrote:

> On Wednesday, December 11, 2002, at 11:30  AM, Michael Adler wrote:
> > I am doing this with LOCAL=1 and LOCALDEBS unset. I store all my debs
> > like
> > $MIRROR/pool/local/m/mydeb/mydeb.deb
> The problem with this is rsync will delete anything that's not on your
> mirror source.  Yes, I can use --exclude to protect my local packages,
> but that doesn't help the backported packages unless I go back and
> alias them into local.
> This may be my only out, unfortunately.
There is also an aditional problem in using local.  If one of the
base packages has a more modern version in local this goes onto the CD
rather than the original.  This causes the installation to fall over as
the installer only looks in main for its packages.

It is possible to hack debian-cd to put both the old and new packages onto
the CD, but disables some desirable features.  I did this for the early
GNU/Hurd CDs.  Unfortunately I have long forgotten what I did.


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