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Local .debs not being found.

I maintain a full i386 Debian mirror as well as an archive of local packages on the same server. My local debs archive consist of local code as well as packages backported from unstable. To prevent them from being deleted by the nightly rsync, I've placed the local and backports into a separate pool under another directory different from the mirror.

Essentially this creates a new and separate archive (/mirror/local/) with its own package pool (/mirror/local/pool/) that's sibling to /mirror/debian and /mirror/debian-non-US containing a local section as well as as main, contrib, and non-free sections.

The problem I'm having is while I can point debian-cd to the new hierarchy (LOCALDEBS=/mirror/local), this only looks for the dists/$CODENAME/local section and ignores main, contrib and non-free. Additionally, while debian-cd knows the local packages exist, 'make mirrorcheck' doesn't seem to look into $LOCALDEBS/pool for the local packages; instead it reports them missing.

Obviously my goal here is to cut a set of Debian CDROMs *including* my local and backported packages, but I'm stuck.


-- Cerebus

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