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Re: Patch to make it possible to toggle contrib on CDs

Le Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 03:53:55AM +0100, Tollef Fog Heen écrivait:
> Hi, I've made a patch which allows one to build a CD even without
> contrib.  Should I commit this?

Hum ...

> +# Do I want to have CONTRIB merged in the CD set
> +# export CONTRIB=1

It should be one by default I guess.

> +sections=main
>  if [ "${NONFREE:-0}" != "0" -o "${EXTRANONFREE:-0}" != "0" ]; then
> -       sections="main contrib non-free"
> -else
> -       sections="main contrib"
> +       sections="$sections non-free"
> +elif [ "${CONTRIB:-0}" != "0" ]; then
> +       sections="$sections contrib"
>  fi

This does mean that you can't have non-free without contrib.

Another alternative is to simply remove contrib when non-free is not
selected since it should only contain packages that depends on non-free
and are thus useless without non-free...

I think I'd prefer that over yet another variable in CONF.sh ...

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