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Re: jigdo-file/lite/easy? multiple sources?

On Sun, Nov 24, 2002 at 07:49:06PM -0600, Brian Wiese wrote:
> there was a program "jigdo-easy" that was a fork off jigdo-lite to
> include more systems like Windows, but is now unfortunately outdated
> and doesn't work with latest Debian jigdo files. This conflicts
> though with the jigdo-easy site [3] I found which says to use
> jigdo-easy for everything. Whats the real answer here?

I'm not sure, either... I'd say that jigdo-easy is a bit outdated,
since it doesn't support the "fallback" feature of newer jigdo-lite
versions. For example, right now an attempt to download Debian 3.0r0
with jigdo-easy would fail for that reason.

> Main question: I didn't see this addressed anywhere, but when I
> heard that this Jigdo program was supposed to make it easier to
> download an image and host the images on the servers by only
> downloading pieces at a time... I thought it would do some
> simultaneous downloads from multiple mirror sites. Can jigdo do
> this? Why not? (feature recommendation)

Simultaneous downloads are somewhere on the "todo" list, but not very
high up, I'm afraid. Before extending a jigdo GUI application to
support simultaneous downloads, there first has to be a jigdo GUI
application... ;-/



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